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  Why South Korea ?  
Teaching English in a different country provides great opportunities to explore a new culture, travel, save money, learn a new language, and meet new people. You can go almost anywhere in Asia and find some form of job opportunity to teach English. The demand for English teachers in Asia is growing and there is no better moment to seize the chance of a lifetime. The major ESL markets in Asia include China, South East Asia, Japan, and South Korea. Each of these places has distinct cultures, languages, and opportunities. South Korea offers the best compensation packages for English teachers compared to the other Asia countries.
  Why Us ?  
1. CLICKESL Co., Ltd. is one of the most noted Government Licensed Employment Agency.
2. Looking out for the teachers best interest
3. Getting a teaching visa
4. Information that you can trust
5. We Job In Korea Service to teachers include ( FOR FREE )
6. When you are ready to begin the journey to teach English in Korea, start by complete the online application on our website. We will contact you to discuss employment and match you with a job in South Korea, based on your personal preferences and experience. We help facilitate phone interviews and the E2 visa procedure.
  JOB List
Job in Korea
#4172  Married couple wanted in Jincheon, Chu..Chungcheongbuk-do 2014-09-30
#4171  Certified teacher wanted in Jincheon, ..Chungcheongbuk-do 2014-09-13
#4170  One native teacher wanted in Dobong-gu..Seoul ASAP
#4169  F6 visa holder wanted in Hwaseong,Gyeo..Gyeonggi-do 2014-09-01
#4168  F6 visa holder wanted in Hwaseong,Gyeo..Gyeonggi-do 2014-09-01
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#17426  조셉 (M)United StatesCENTRAL SEOULASAP
#17425  로버트 (M)United States1. Gwangju. 2. Daegu 3. Daejeon 4. Jeju Island2014-09-01
#17422  스튜어트 (M)United KingdomDaegu2014-09-13
#17420  비앙카 (F)South AfricaAny big cityASAP
#17416  씨아라 (F)IrelandSeoul, Daegu or Busan2014-09-01
#11  휴가 공지 ( Day off )11:51:50
#10  6월4일 지방선거 따른 휴무공지 ( 4th June Day off for the election )2014-05-29
#9  5월1일 근로자의 날 휴무안내2014-04-28
#8  2014년 1월 29일 단축근무 공지2014-01-29
#7  12월 31일 조기근무종료 합니다.2013-12-31
#6  12월 26,27일 휴무입니다.2013-12-27
#5  5월1일 근로자의 날 휴무입니다.( Labor day off 1st May )2013-04-30
#4  추석연휴 3일까지 쉽니다.Chuseok holiday from 29th to 3rd Oct2012-10-20
#3  2011년 4월1일 출입국관리사무소 외국인등록증 신청에 따른 지정병원 안내2012-10-20
#2  비자 없이 입국하는 미국 국민도 우리나라에 90일 체류 가능2012-10-20
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